Hamdy Seif

Hamdy Seif
Faculty: EngineeringDepartment: Civil & Environmental EngineeringPosition: Prof. of Environmental Science & EngineeringOffice Number: G117Phone: 07 98 58 58Ext: 3436E-mail: hamdy.seif@bau.edu.lb


Academic Background

Ph.D Environmental Science, IIT, Bombay India 1992

M.Sc Civil Engineering, Alexandria University (Sanitary Engineering) 1984

B.Sc Civil Engineering, Alexandria University 1979

Professional Experience

1980-1987 Lecturer assistant at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

1982-1987 Designer of sanitary Engineering works.

1987-1992 Ph. D. Scholar at IIT, Bombay, India.

1990-1992 Design of Anaerobic Fixed film pilot plant to Treats pharmaceutical wastewater for Cipla Company, Bombay.

1992-2008, Lecturer, associate professor, and then professor.

2008-Head of the sanitary eng. department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

2010-2012Vice-Dean for Community Development & Environmental Affairs Faculty of Eng.,Alexandria University

2011- up to now, Prof. of Environmental Science & Engineering, Beirut Arab University.

1994-2011 Teaching for under and postgraduate students of Faculty of Engineering, Beirut Arab University as a Visitor.



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  7. Water Tanks and Water Pollution.
  8. 8-Mariut lake-is a Polluted Lake or a Stabilization Pond (Mariut Anaerobic pond).
  9. Development of House Drainage System.
  10. Wastewater Drainage System at the North Coastal Villages.
  11. Storm Water and Swimming pool Drainage System at the North Coastal Villages.
  12. Development of Wastewater Drainage System at the Villages with Water Supplying.
  13. Effect of Interruption of Aeration on the Activated Sludge System
  14. Effect of Hydraulic retention Time on The Activated Sludge System.
  15. Meetland Wastewater Treatment.
  16. Textile Wastewater Treatment.
  17. Treatment of Slaughterhouse Wastes.
  18. Chemical – biological treatment of polyester textile wastewater (case-study).
  19. New engineering concept for septic tank with high efficiency.
  20. Removal of heavy metals from surface water in treatment plant at El- Beherah Governorate.
  21. Removal of heavy metals from ground water in EL–BEHIRA governorate.
  22. Study of waste stabilization pond geometry for the wastewater treatment efficiency.
  23. Wastewater treatment using carbon fiber.
  24. Hydraulic retention time effect on facultative waste stabilization ponds efficiency.
  25. Reuse of Grey waste water.
  26. Assessment of water quality due to covering of agricultural drains project in Egypt.
  27. Gelatin wastewater treatment.
  28. Virtual modeling: a comparison between different internal rigid fixation techniques following BSSO by finite element analysis
  29. Modeling and simulation of German BIOGEST/EL-AGAMY wastewater treatment plants – Egypt using GPS- X simulator
  30. Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for the prediction of EL-AGAMY wastewater treatment plant performance-EGYPT
  31. Application of fuzzy logic control for Benchmark simulation model.1
  32. Natural Wastewater Treatment in Mountainous Atrea.
  33. Mathematical Modeling of Wastewater Aeration Efficiency Using Natural Stepped Cascades
  34. Moisture content and thermal banana mulch & municipal solid wastes.
  35. Effect of Co-composting Fish and Banana Wastes with Organic Municipal Solid Wastes on Carbon / Nitrogen Ratio

Honors and Professional Society Membership

  • Member of IWA (International Water Association) England.
  • Member of Environmental Egyptian Friends Association.
  • Member of Egyptian Planning Association.
  • Member of Egyptian Engineering Association.