Hiba Halabi

Hiba Halabi
Faculty: EngineeringDepartment: Electrical & Computer EngineeringPosition: LecturerOffice Number: G113Phone: 07 98 58 58Ext: 3452E-mail: h.alhalabi@bau.edu.lb


Heba El-Halabi was born in Lebanon. In 2002, she received the M.Sc. degree in Communication and Electronics Engineering from Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon. She is currently a Ph.D student at Beirut Arab University. Her current research interests include miniaturization of RF devices.


Previous Courses

  • MATH 292-Numerical Analysis

Fall 2016/2017


Filtre passe-bas miniature à lignes de propagation microruban à ondes lentes (19èmes Journées Nationales Microondes 3-5 June 2015)

Lignes de propagation microruban à ondes lentes sur un substrat double couche (21st LAAS International Science Conference 15-17April, 2015)