Hamza Issa

Hamza Issa
Faculty: EngineeringDepartment: Electrical & Computer EngineeringPosition: Associate ProfessorOffice Number: G110Phone: 07 98 58 58Ext: 3403E-mail: h.issa@bau.edu.lb


Hamza Issa: Graduated from BAU with a BE in Electrical Engineering. Earned the Master degree from the Grenoble institute of technology in Optical and RadioFrequencies and the PhD Degree from Fourier University.

Currently a faculty member in the engineering department of BAU. His research interests concern millimeter wave devices with the RFM group of the IMEP-LAHC Laboratory in France.



  • Miniaturization of RF transmission lines and couplers using double layer substrate. The concept of slow wave is used. (Heba El-Halabi).
  • Decrease the size of communication systems by employing Direct Antenna Modulation principle for design microstrip antennas using switches. The output signal provided is a modulated signal. (Manal Fattoum).
  • Size reduction with maintained performance of microstrip power dividers. Again the concept of slow-wave is used to achieve size reduction of about 50%. (Jalal Alaa Eddine)
  • Performance improvement of Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting Rectennas. (Ali Sawli).
  • Design and Analysis of Handoff Schemes for Cellular Networks. The suggested scheme gives an enhancement in terms of call blocking probability and handoff failure probability up to 10% with respect to the actual state of art. (Bilal Owaydat).
  • RF filter theory development and miniaturization. (Mohammad Wehbi, Ali Hammoud and Ismail Kassem).