Mohamad Kanaan

Mohamad Kanaan
Faculty: EngineeringDepartment: Mechanical EngineeringPosition: Assistant ProfessorOffice Number: F127Phone: 07 98 58 58Ext: 3427E-mail:


Mohamad Kanaan received his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the Lebanese University in 2003. He received two Master’s degrees, the first in Applied Mathematics from Saint-Joseph University (USJ) in 2008 and the second in Mechanical Engineering from the American University (AUB) in 2011. He earned his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from AUB in February 2015.

He worked as a part-time lecturer at Global University before being appointed as a full-time assistant professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Beirut Arab University in March 2015.


Previous courses

Course Code Course Title Semester / Academic year
MCHE 213 Dynamics Fall 14-15, Spring 14-15, Fall 15-16
MCHE 204 Foundation of Mechanical Engineering Spring 14-15
MCHE 321 Thermodynamics I Fall 15-16

Spring 2015/2016


Research Interests

HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, UVGI systems, Energy Efficiency in Buildings

International Journal Publications

Kanaan M., N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali. 2016. Localized air-conditioning with upper-room UVGI to reduce airborne bacteria cross-infection. Building Simulation 9(1):63-74

Kanaan, M., N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali, G. Araj. 2015. Upper-Room UVGI Effectiveness with Pathogens at Different Droplet Sizes in Spaces Conditioned by Chilled Ceiling Mixed Displacement Ventilation System. Building and Environment 87:117-128

Kanaan, M., N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali, G. Araj. 2014. New Airborne Pathogen Transport Model for upper-room UVGI spaces Conditioned by Chilled Ceiling and Mixed Displacement Ventilation: Enhancing Air Quality and Energy Performance. Energy Conversion and Management 85: 50-61.

Kanaan, M., N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali. 2012. Quality of inhaled air in displacement ventilation systems assisted by personalized ventilation. HVAC&R Research 18(3): 500-514.

Kanaan, M., N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali. 2010. Simplified model of contaminant dispersion in rooms conditioned by chilled-ceiling displacement ventilation system. HVAC&R Research 16(6): 765-783.

International Conference Papers

M. Kanaan, N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali , G. Araj. CFD Investigation of the Performance of Localized Air-Conditioning with Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in Reducing Cross-Infection. First International ASHRAE Conference and Exhibition on Efficient Building Design, Materials and HVAC equipment technologies, October 2-3, 2014, Beirut, Lebanon

M. Kanaan, N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali, G. Araj, W. Chakroun, M. Darwish. Upper Room UV-Disinfected Mixed Air Use for Chilled Ceiling Displacement Ventilation System to Enhance Air Quality and Performance. First International Conference on Energy, Indoor Environment in Hot Climates, February 24-26, 2014, Doha, Qatar.

M. Kanaan, N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali. Localized Air-Conditioning with Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for Energy Conservation and Reduction of Disease Transmission. Proceedings of CLIMA 2013 11th REHVA World Congress & 8th International Conference on IAQVEC "Energy Efficient, Smart & Healthy Buildings" , June 16-19, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic


  • Member of the student activities committee in the Faculty of Engineering at BAU for the academic year 2015-2016.
  • Member of the National Lebanese Technical committee (NLTC 180) for Solar Energy  Standards in Lebanon, Libnor