Hadi Abou Chakra

Hadi Abou Chakra
Faculty: EngineeringDepartment: Industrial Engineering and Engineering ManagementPosition: ProfessorOffice Number: 3406Phone: 07 98 58 58Ext: 3406E-mail: hadi.chakra@bau.edu.lb


Hadi Abou Chakra is an associate professor at Beirut Arab University; He received his PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering and M.Sc. in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK. Dr. Abou Chakra is currently the Chairman of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management and also Acting Chairman of the Department of Petroleum Engineering

During his academic and managerial career, he has developed substantial experience in managing, ‎directing and delivering higher education programs in Europe and the Middle East as well as in ‎applying North American style higher education curriculum and programs.‎

Dr. Abou Chakra has an international reputation for research and the supervision and co-supervision of graduate ‎students’ research projects through grants he secured with a number of organizations and ‎industries. Currently, he is managing two research groups at the Department of Industrial Engineering and ‎Engineering Management at BAU. These research groups are conducting various research projects in ‎collaboration with different sectors of the Lebanese industries in the field of manufacturing processes ‎and engineering management to design and implement processes that minimize numbers of unresolved ‎engineering related problems.‎


Dr. Abou Chakra has 19 published papers in various refereed journals and 24 published papers in various refereed conferences. Also he acts as a peer review for several research journals and conferences. Currently he is managing two research groups:

The first research group is in the field of engineering management and consists of three faculty members. ‎The research projects related to this group resulted in more than 6 final year projects and one ‎conference publication:‎

  • H. Abou-Chakra, A. Tannir and A. Ashi. Validating the Integration between Project Risk ‎Management and Project Quality Management in Practice. The International conference on ‎Mechanical, Architectural, and Civil Engineering (ICMAEC), Dubai, UAE (2013).‎

The second research group is in the field of process and manufacturing engineering, and material ‎properties. This group consists of three faculty members. The research projects related to this group resulted ‎in more than 10 final year projects and the following publications:‎

  • H. Abou Chakra and M. Machaka. Allocation Solutions For Recycled Municipal waste ‎Aggregates. European Scientific Journal, volume 11, No: 26. September (2015).‎
  • H. Abou-Chakra and R. Fayad. Lean Production for a Freezing Potatoes Factory.The 5th ‎International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), Dubai, ‎UAE(2015).‎
  • R. Fayad and H. Abou-Chakra. On-Line Quality Control Filtration System Used in Hydraulic ‎Oil Lubrication Process.European Scientific Journal, volume 10, No: 21. July (2014).‎
  • M. Machaka, H. Basha, H. Abou Chakra, and A. Elkordi. Alkali Treatment of Fan Palm Natural ‎Fibres for Use in Fibre Reinforced Concrete. European Scientific Journal, volume 10, No: 12. ‎April (2014).‎
  • R. Fayad and H. Abou-Chakra. Genetic Algorithm Enhanced Neural Network Applied to Tool ‎Condition Monitoring in Drilling Process, The CM 2013 and MFPT 2013, Krakow, Poland ‎‎(2013).‎
  • H. Abou-Chakra. Assessing the Effect of Temperature on Fabric Washing Powder under Stress. ‎‎8th International Conference on Applied Mechanics, Materials, and Manufacturing. Muscat, ‎Sultanate of Oman, (2010).‎


Participation in different committees (faculty- University)‎

  • Chair of the Library Committee at the Faculty of Engineering
  • Member of the Industrial Advisory Committee at the Faculty of Engineering
  • Member of Faculty of Engineering Board
  • BAU Coordinator of Green Energy for Green Companies (GR.ENE.CO) project in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture in Lebanon and funded by the European Union (EU).
  • Brought to the Faculty of Engineering for the Ministry of Industry $3000 research funds for a total of 2 projects that have industrial partners.
  • Played a key role in the Memorandum of Cooperation between BAU and Cement of Sibline Factory

Participation in community and cultural activities

  • Participated in ACCBAT Project Final Event (Ministry of Agriculture) at Riviera Hotel 10 December 2015.
  • Participated in the Flood Risk Assessment and Mapping for Lebanon organized by UNDP at The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, 25 November 2015.
  • Participated in the Academic-Agro-alimentary Sector Networking Event. Phoenicia Hotel, 2 November 2015.
  • Participated in the International Beirut Energy Forum (i-BEF 2015) organized by LCEC at The Hotel Royal, 9 September 2015.
  • Participated in the Science Fair For Innovation And Creativity - Security Middle East Show (SMES 2015), 8 September 2015.
  • Participated in the Renewable Energy Conference organized by the Federation of Zgharta Caza Municipalities at Antonine University, 2 June 2015.
  • Attended the New Russia Strategy for the Middle-East Seminar at the Military Club, Beirut, April 2015.

Participation in conferences and workshops organization

  • Carried out series of seminars involving directly 21 high schools in all Lebanon in order to promote and raise awareness about the importance of adopting a green behavior in the daily life.
  • Organized two workshops on renewable Energies targeting local farmers in Bekaa and Mount Lebanon governances. Both workshops were carried out at BAU, the first in the Bekaa campus and involved 29 local farmers, the second at Debbieh campus and involved 24 participants.

Other services to the Lebanese society

  • Collaborating with IBC for Waste Treatment plant in Saida for defining new technique for recycling grits and light residues.
  • Designed and constructed a Green House at BAU Debbieh campus

Training and consultation

  • Organized The Green Energy Promoter training course at Debbieh campus. The course provided 200 hours in-depth training in the field of green energy for 20 promoters.


  • Member of Oil and Gas Committee at Order of Engineers and Architects, Lebanon.
  • Member of the Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements (LIRA) administrative Board at the Lebanese Ministry of Industry