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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Engineering, Beirut Arab University. The Faculty of Engineering is at the forefront of engineering education in Lebanon and the region.  The Faculty of Engineering at BAU is ranked among the top Faculties of Engineering in Lebanon.  For more than 35 years, it is being known to build upon the best of past convention and on applying new practices to foster critical thinking, creativity, innovation, originality and excellence. Our objective is to graduate high caliber engineers who are fit to compete domestically, regionally and globally.

We are striving through the next couple of years to obtain accreditation from ABET for all the undergraduate programs offered by the faculty.  This will be achieved through applying a rigorous practice of quality control of the educational process. 

The Faculty of Engineering has fulfilled a large number of goals set by the university’s strategic plan (2007-2012).  It included six sections, covering Programs and Curricula, Research and Graduate Programs, Faculty and Staff, Students and Student Infrastructure, Partnerships and Cooperation, Services and Facilities. The Faculty will work on shaping and applying the next round of strategic development to insure a higher level of education and services to the students and to produce a better graduate ready to face the engineering challenges of the 21st Century. 

The faculty also has a graduate program that encourages conducting high-caliber basic and applied research in engineering and related fields.


Prof. Dr. Adel Ahmed Elkordi
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
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