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Choosing Your Program

For some students, the major serves as a path to a specific career or profession. For other students, the major represents a way to dig into a passionate academic interest.

At Faculty of Engineering, your major does not necessarily equal your career path. One possible exception to this is graduate study, because advanced study in a particular field often requires prior work in that discipline.

Many students will change majors at least once during their time on campus. Remember, with very few exceptions, the major will assume more importance to you than to the outside world. Explore, have fun, and consult the following when in need of guidance: your College adviser, faculty, friends, and family.

To help you make up your mind, take a peek into the different offered programs in the Faculty of Engineering.

Communications and Electronics Engineering

Communication Engineering is a continuously evolving field, it deals with the transmission and the reception of information ( voice, video and data). The Communications and Electronics Engineering Program in BAU is a nationally as well as internationally recognized program (ABET accredited) , this enhances the availability of job opportunities inside and outside Lebanon ( Gulf areas, Europe and America)

Electrical Power and Machines

The great development in the field of machinery control has become a necessity for most scientific disciplines such as development of machines control used in medical purposes, mechanical and others. This leads to open door to the Power Engineers for the coming decades.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers play key roles in all industrial sectors ranging from oil and gas, aerospace through transport and food to manufacturing, petrochemical, building services and entertainment industries. Professional mechanical engineers are placed at the forefront of the exploration and management of the earth’s natural resources.

Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering Program is designed for engineers who have a sound understanding of business management as well as engineering expertise. It concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, and equipment.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers have been consistently in high demand. The civil engineer can work as an employee, partner, or owner in consulting design offices in the departments of structures, transportation and planning, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, water resources, and computer software, and in contracting firms and construction management consultant offices.

Petroleum Engineering

Today, with the world's demand for oil and gas still growing, Petroleum Engineers have a future full of challenges and opportunities. Petroleum engineering is the application of the basic sciences of chemistry, geology and physics combined with engineering sciences to promote the development and production of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

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