Civil and Environmental Engineering

Location A2 Building, B3
Supervisors : Prof. Issam Gooda
Equipments : Hydraulics Bench Apparatus
Permeability Tank Apparatus
Osborne Reynolds Apparatus
Laminar Flow Analysis Table
Glass Sided Tilting Flume Apparatus
Advanced Hydrogen Bubble Apparatus
Adjustable Bed Flow Channel Apparatus
Hydrology System Apparatus
Fluid Friction Apparatus
Ventury meter
Flow Pipe Network
Hydrostatics Bench
Laboratory Test Sets   : Archimedes Kits
Equilibrium Boat
Current meter
Pitot tube 
Covered Topics Hydraulics I
Hydraulics II
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
Fluid Mechanics I
Fluid Mechanics II
Hydraulic structure
Location A2 Building, B423
Supervisors : Mr. Ghassan El-Rabih
Equipments : Universal Testing Machine (1000 kN)
Compression Machine (300 ton)
Hardness apparatus, Impact machine
Loss Angeles Machine
Impact crushing value apparatus
Buoyancy balance, Sieve Shaker
Mechanical and Electronic scales
Large scales, Sand cone
Impact crushing value apparatus
Nuclear density gauge, Core drill machine
Cutting machine, Oven, Sand equivalent shaker
Screening apparatus
Slump cone, Compacting factor apparatus
V.B. apparatus, Small and large size mixers
Vibrating concrete, Vibrator for mortar
Tensile apparatus for mortar
Tensile machine (20 kN capacity)
Surface absorption apparatus
Field Permeability tester, Air content apparatus
Flow table for mortar consistency
Load Cell, Crack width gauge
Pulse velocity, Profometer
Blaine apparatus. Rebound Hammer, Extraction apparatus
 Laboratory Test Sets   : Aggregate Testing Set
Fresh Concrete Workability Set
Cement Tests
Hard Concrete Testing Set
Reinforcing Bars Set
Non-Destructive Set
Covered Topics Aggregates Characterization
Cement Characterization
Fresh Concrete Properties
Hard Concrete Properties
Concrete Mix Design
Evaluation of Existing Building
Location A2 Building, B425
Supervisors : Mr. Ghassan El-Rabih
Equipments : Proctor Compaction Rammer & Molds
Automatic Compactor of Soil
CBR Test Machine
Consolidation Apparatus
Permeability apparatus
Tri-axial Soil apparatus
Direct Shear 
Vane apparatus
In Situ Density apparatus
Liquid and Plastic limit
Data Acquisition System
Sieve Shaker
De-aired water
Pressure System
  Laboratory Test Sets Compaction Set
Soil Permeability Set
Tri-axial Set
Shear Box Assembly
Sieve analysis set
  Covered Topics Soil Characterization/Properties
Soil Classification
Bearing capacity
California Bearing Ratio
Location A2 Building, B4
Supervisors : Eng. Morshed Abu Saleh
Equipments : Digital theodolites
Total station set 4 CII
Power Set (Total Stations)
Auto Levels
Digital Planimeters
GPS Receivers
Radian –IS GPS Receiver
Penmap Comp.PPC3
Tapes and ranging rods
  Covered Topics Linear measurements
Theodolite Traverse
Off Setting Methods
Electromagnetic Distance Measurements
Simple Levelling
Precise Levelling
Setting Out Technique
Land Surveying
RTK GPS Surveying
Static Method by GPS