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Dear BAU Alumni

The purpose of this survey is to obtain feedback from our alumni on the relevancy and importance of the ME (Mechanical Engineering) program’s educational objectives and learning outcomes and how well this program at BAU had prepared its graduates to boost their chance of success in their careers. The survey is a part of a comprehensive assessment effort that aims to establish a continuous improvement process and obtain ABET Accreditation of the program.

You are kindly requested to fill in this survey with utmost objectivity and thoughtfullness. Your input to this process will help improve the relevenacy and adequacy of the ME program and advance the level of its fulfilment of the stated objectives and outcomes. The results of this survey and recommendations made herewith will be used to enact necessary changes to the program to better meet the needs of all constituencies and maximize its footprints.

Kindly click here to fill the survey

Prof. Ali Hammoud,
Chairperson Mechanical Engineering Department
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