Sawsan Moustafa Youssef

Sawsan Moustafa Youssef
Faculty: Health SciencesDepartment: NursingPosition: Assistant ProfessorOffice Number: 519Phone: 00961-1-300110Ext: 2305E-mail:


I received my BSc. In Nursing in 176 from Alexandria University, Egypt. I pursued my Masters Degree in Medical Surgical Nursing from the same University (1994); Thesis Title: : “ Effect of Health Locus of Control of Diabetic Patients on Their Knowledge and Adherence to the Therapeutic Regimen.”. I completed my studies and obtained my PhD Degree in Adult Health Nursing University of Alexandria, Egypt in 2005; Thesis Title: “Relationship between Stress, Immune System Function and Nursing Intervention for Fractured Patients.”

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The main teaching specialty is medical surgical nursing for the second year nursing  students. Teaching other courses that included:  health assessment, health concept, infection control, nutrition for nurses, and nursing practicum. In addition to, the course named health promotion that I have introduced to the list of university electives in BAU. Furthermore, teaching for postgraduates in medical surgical nursing specialty. Use of OSCE as a clinical evaluation method, use students’ portfolio, Use of students self-learning methods in teaching such as assignments, presentations, and case studies, group work assignments, and group discussion.

2015-2016 Courses

Spring Courses 2015/2016  
- Adult Health Nursing III :Theory
- Adult Health Nursing III :Practice
- Nursing Practicum
- Theoretical base for adv. Med. Surg. Spec.
- Practicum for Advanced Medical Surgical

Fall Courses 2015/2016
- Adult Health Nursing II :Theory
- Adult Health Nursing II :Practice
- Health Promotion
- Nutrition for Nurses
- Theoretical base for adv. Med. Surg. Nurs
- Practicum for Med. Surg. Nurs

Research Interests

Medical Surgical Nursing - Orthopedic - Immunology - Stress - Concept of Locus of Control


•    Member in Faculty Council.
•    Member in Nursing Department Council.
•    Member in the Entrance Exam Committee.
•    Coordinator in inter-professional education (IPE).
•    Advisor of the second year nursing students.
•    Participate in the interview exam
•    Participated in the preparation and development of Professional Master in Infection Prevention and Control.
•    Participated in the preparation and development of a bridging program between TS to BSc.
•    Follow Quality Assurance Activities such as course specification, course layout, course report, blue print…etc.

•    Participated in facilitating and conducting a work shop titled “challenges in clinical practice” organized by Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department provided for clinical instructors of the hospitals at BAU on 31/8/2015.
•    Attended a series of four training workshops titled “the enhancement of staff-members’ teaching skills” on 10-11 Oct. 2015.
•    Attended the Second International Conference on Medical Education on 19-21 Nov. 2015.
•    Attended the 8th Annual Congress of the Lebanese Society of critical care medicine on 6-8 March 2015.
•    Attended a SPSS workshop organized by Center for Continuing & Professional Education at BAU on 19-21 Feb 2016.

Supervisor (thesis)
•    Hamza Shehade: Effect of educational intervention on knowledge, self-care behaviors, and quality of life among patients with chronic heart failure.
•    Hassan Reslan: Effect of patients ’education on functional outcomes for those undergoing total knee replacement surgery.
•    Mohamad Majed: Effect of therapeutic exercise education on quality of life of patients with mastectomy.
•    Hasan Shouaib: Effect of body mechanics training of critical care nurses on the incidence of low back pain.