Module III: by Dr. Antonio Signore and Dr. Hala Ragab

Advanced Aesthetic treatments:
  • Diagnosis, etiology and treatment of teeth discolorations
  • Vital teeth bleaching: home bleaching vs in office teeth bleaching
  • Non-vital tooth bleaching
Esthetic anterior restorations:
  • Class III, IV and V: How to achieve optimal shade selection in cosmetic dentistry?
  • Cavity preparation, beveling and caries removal
  • Layering technique concept
  • Etiology of cervical lesions, materials and techniques for class V restorations
  • Finishing and polishing of anterior restorations: instruments and techniques
  • Direct smile lifting for diastema closure
  • Direct composite veneers
  • Use of color modifiers in different clinical situations
Hands-on training: direct composite veneers, class IV, diastema closure, vital teeth bleaching