Module II: by Dr. Antonio Signore and Dr. Hala Ragab

Direct bonding: Materials preview:
  • Composite resins: types, properties, latest innovation and selection
  • Adhesive systems: types, properties and application
  • Light curing units, selection criteria and techniques used in restorative procedures
Pulp protection: When and how?
  • Materials used in pulp capping: categories, properties and handling
Minimal invasive dentistry (MID):
  • Concepts of Microdentistry, the use of miniburs, ultrasounds, air and sono-abrasion and their adequate restorative techniques
Posterior composite restoration:
  • Cavity preparation for direct composite restoration in posterior teeth
  • Color determination, fluorescence, opalescence of natural teeth and relevance in composite systems
  • Anatomical layering technique
  • Bulk Filling concept in posterior restorations: Sonicfill, SDR, Filtek Bulk Fill etc.
  • Matrix systems and management of contact and contour
  • Finishing and polishing
Repair of composite restorations: When and how?
Hypersensitivity and composite restorations
Hands-on training: class II preparation, anatomical layering and bulk filling, finishing and polishing