Module I: by Dr. Luca Solimei, Dr. Hala Ragab and Dr. Mohammad Rayyan

Diagnosis and treatment planning in restorative dentistry.
Partial coverage in posterior restorations:
  • Inlay-Onlay: principles, tools and techniques for preparations
  • Material selection for partial coverage: ceramic or composite inlay
  • Impression and temporization
  • Adhesive luting procedures
  • Longevity and maintenance of Inlays
CAD/CAM technology:
  • Fundamentals of CAD/CAM in cosmetic dentistry
  • Tools and instrumentations
  • Principles of CAD/CAM preparations
  • Digital impressions
  • Communication with the lab technician
Hands-on training: preparation techniques of inlay, onlay, and overlay, impressions, provisionals, luting procedures, digital impression and CAD CAM technologies