Module I Cleaning and Shaping of Root Canal System by Dr. Andrea Polesel, Dr. Denise Pontoriero and Dr. Roula Abiad

Module I - First day: morning
Endodontic access cavities: clinical guidance, instruments and techniques
Locating calcified root canal orifices: instruments and operative techniques
Rubber dam
Magnification, additional light, ultrasonics and radiography
Module I - First day: afternoon. Hands-on
Rubber dam placing techniques
Pulp chamber opening and finishing
Locating calcified root canal orifices
Module I - Second day: afternoon. Hands-on
Root canal scouting
Preflaring and creating the glide path
Shaping with NI-TI rotary instruments
Irrigating techniques and ways to activate the irrigants
Module I - Third day: All day. Hands-on
Root Canal Shaping
Different NI-TI rotary instruments