Module IV: by Dr. Luca Solimei, Dr. Jihad Habli and Dr. Mohammad Rayyan

The smile design:

  • Artistic and scientific aspect in smile design: Face, lips, teeth and periodontium
  • Dental aspect of a smile: ideal proportions of the teeth, symmetry, perspective and illusion
  • Smile design and mockup procedures

Laminate veneers:

  • Ceramic laminate veneers: indications, preparation principles
  • Temporization and impression
  • Resin cements used for indirect restorations: composition and uses
  • Try in and luting of porcelain veneers
  • Finishing and polishing
  • Maintenance and failures of porcelain veneers

Lasers in restorative dentistry:

  • General concepts in lasers, indications
  • Different types of lasers used in restorative dentistry

Esthetics and periodontal treatment:

  • Maintenance and management of the healthy periodontium
  • Cavity limits and bone level
  • Gum and periodontal tissues
  • Crown lengthening of a single tooth
  • Gummy smile: Esthetic crown lengthening and melanin pigmentation

Hands-on training: veneer preparation, impression, provisionalization, cementation, laser applications