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 Want to become a patient?
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Patient Care
Under the supervision of qualified faculty staff members and clinical assistants, our students successfully treat thousands of patients every year in our dental clinics. 

Patient services
We are a full service facility and provide fillings, tooth bleaching, veneers, crowns, bridges, root canals, children's dentistry, braces, implants, dentures, treatment of gum disease, extractions of wisdom teeth and more. Some programs have a long waiting list, particularly for braces and implants. We provide quality dentistry at low cost. If you wish to take advantage of our dental services.


Working Hours:
Monday to Friday From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
There are 78 dental units distributed throughout the Faculty. Each clinic has its own patient reception and waiting areas supplied with LCD showing DVDs for patient education. Electronic filing (E-files) system is used for patients’ records and students’ requirements. Digital X-ray room, and sterilization units are also available for each clinic.

Patient education
Patient Education Brochure

Community services
We offer full dental services to orphanages and elder specially or exceptionally reduced prices. Our students often visit Lebanese schools for oral health education and check-ups.

Faculty of Dentistry

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