BAU Debbieh Site is located 33 kilometers away from the University's main site in Beirut. The land has an area of 1,353,000 m2. The highest point is 404 m above sea level, while the lowest point is 154 m above sea level. The total built up area is 50.000 m2.

The compound consists of 3 buildings which hold the Faculties of Architectural Engineering, Engineering and Science, 2 buildings for students' dorms, 2 buildings for instructors' dorms, a Gymnasium, a mosque, an observatory, a bank, an outdoor cafeteria and a maintenance building.

  • Faculty of Architectural Engineering Building:
    The building has an area of 10.300 m2. It is composed of 4 storeys. It contains administrative and teaching rooms in addition to 5 studios, a festivities hall with the capacity of 300 seats, 3 computer laboratories, and a library.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Science Building:
    The building has an area of 17.300 m2. It is composed of 6 storeys and contains administrative and teaching rooms, a studio, 13 laboratories, 4 computer laboratories, a 660-m2 library, an auditorium with the capacity of 500 students and other two auditoriums with the capacity of 225 students each.
  • Faculty of Science Laboratories Building:
    The building has an area of 6,500 m2. It is composed of 4 storeys and contains teaching rooms, 15 laboratories and 4 computer laboratories.