• Course Code: ENGL421
  • Credits: 3
  • Hours Distribution: (3Crs:3Lec)
  • Course Type: Mandatory Department (MD)

Course Description

The course introduces students to a comprehensive survey of the major critical trends and movements extending from Classical Criticism to the beginnings of the 20th century. The course begins with an examination of the early critical efforts made by Plato, Aristotle, Horace, and others. It then covers the re-emergence of attempts in the Elizabethan Age with Sidney and Bacon, followed by the developments into Neo-Classicism as represented by the works of Dryden and Pope. Coleridge and Wordsworth are discussed for a better understanding of Romanticism as a critical movement, followed by a scrutiny of the Victorian Age through the works of Arnold. Early 20th century critical schools are studied through the contributions of Eliot, Richards and Leavis.