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The HRC-BAU is a university initiative that assists students and accordingly their communities to a better understanding of their rights through raising awareness in the course of formal and non formal methods thus complementing their education all through university years and years after. 
The center also strives to partner with other national and international institutions and NGOs and achieve its objectives through empowerment skills, access to data, students’ development activities, and communal interaction. 
Years from now the center will have helped create a more harmonious community by exposing youth in Lebanon to human rights and helping them understand violations while acquiring the education, skills and resources necessary in an attempt to create the desired change and build a better future.

The Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University (HRC-BAU) was established in 2009 as a specialized center independent of all the faculties and departments at the university.

HRC-BAU is under the direct supervision of the president of the university, Dr. Amr Jalal El Adawi, the Chairman of its Board of Directors.
The daily activities of HRC-BAU is carried out by its Director assisted by the Executive Secretary and many volunteers..

The Board of Directors is composed of permanent and non-permanent members of legal and non-legal backgrounds.

Prof. Dr. Amr Jalal El-Adawi, Chairman of the Board and President of Beirut Arab University.
Prof. Dr. Mohamad Qassem, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Dr. Omar Houri, Director of the Human Rights Center, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science
Judge Marlene Al Jirr, President of the Court of Saida.
Mr. Fateh Azzam, Human Rights Consultant/Expert
Dr. Nidal Al Jurdi, Human Rights Officer, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Colonel Ziad Kaed Beh, Head of the Human Rights Department at the Internal Security Forces.
M.E Maya Mansour, Counsel on appeals, activist in the field of human rights, and a professor at the Beirut Arab University.
Mr. Ayad Wakim, Project Manager at Naharashabab Foundation.
Mr. Nabil Khalifa, Director of the president’s office.

Euro-Mediterranean Training Course for Human Rights Education with Young People at the Beirut Arab University – Debbieh Site from 21 until 29 june 2009. 
This activity was in Partnership with the Council of Europe, and in collaboration of Public Interest Advocacy Center (Pinacle) and Permanent Peace Movement (PPM). This course aimed at developing the competences of Arabic-speaking trainers and multipliers working on human rights education at national and regional level and to enable them to implement non formal activities using Compass as a very important tool and reference for trainers. 
A multicultural group of 25 participants from 13 different European and Arab countries interacted with each other and discussed human rights education from different approaches to come up, at the end of the training, with activities and projects for training on human rights education at national or regional level.

Moot Court Competition 
This competition was organized in partnership with the American Bar Association (ABA) at Beirut Arab University - Beirut Site on August 21, 2009. Prior to the competition, ABA provided the competitors with training on procedural and technical matters. 

The competition was held among law students of the third and fourth years at the university in front of Lebanese judges, lawyers, academics, and a representative of a media institution.


Human Rights Speech by the British Ambassador

“The Legal Framework of Human Rights as a Necessary Protection for Individual Citizens and for Diversity” was the title of the lecture delivered by the British Ambassador Mrs. Francis Guy on the 11th of March 2010 in Jamal

Abdel Nasser Hall at Beirut Arab University, Beirut Site.
The speech was scheduled as a response to the invitation sent by the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University represented by its Director Dr. Omar Houri . The speech was followed by an open discussion with the students about the various human rights issues.

Youth Building Reconciliation II (YBR II)
YBR II was held in partnership with ALEF, a Lebanese NGO. 
This activity was organized in BAU-Beirut Site from April 27 till 30 under the title ”ikhtilaf Bedoun Khilaf”. 
During these days Alef volunteers interacted with BAU students through non formal activities to discuss different issues related to human rights. There was also mobile library caravan which contained books, DVDs, and material related to the themes of youth activism and diversity management. Those resources were available as a platform for communication and exchange of ideas. 
This activity was concluded by a BAU Student Declaration signed by the participants, faculty and President of the university in which environmental concerns where stressed and steps to overcome them where taken.

NGO Fair 2010
Under the patronage of the Minister of State H.E Mrs. Mona Ofeish, the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University organized a 4 hours NGO Fair on the 17th of May, 2010. A total of 28 active NGOs participated in the fair, which aimed to introduce the university students to the various issues of human rights.

During the fair, more than 60 students from different nationalities and majors filled up the center’s application forms and thus expressing their interest in joining its activities. 

NDU International Conference on: "The Role of Arab Universities in the Education, Practice and Promotion of Human Rights
The Director of the Human Rights Center, Dr. Omar Houri, participated in the International Conference on “The role of Arab universities in the education, practice and promotion of Human Rights”, which was organized by Notre Dame University on the 21st and 22nd of May, 2010.
In his speech, Dr. Houri focused on the goals and activities of the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University. He also presented a brief description of the Human Rights course which the university has been teaching for the past four years.

The A to Z of British Islam
On December 15 2010, The Human Rights Center hosted the British Ambassador, H.E Francis Guy, for a second time at the BAU campus in Beirut to discuss the situation of Muslims in the UK. The Ambassador also attended a screening of a human rights film entitled "The A to Z of British Islam" followed by an open discussion with the students concerning the content of the film.

International Conference on Combating Trafficking in Persons in Lebanon: Government and Civil Society Partnership
Under the patronage of the Minister of Justice, H.E Mr. Ibrahim Najjar, the Human Rights Center and the Faculty of Law at Beirut Arab University, in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University, organized the "International Conference on Combating Trafficking in Persons in Lebanon: Government and Civil Society Partnership" which was held on January 3 and 4, 2011.

Seminar on Human Rights Education for University Teachers from the MENA Region
From 11 till 14 January 2011, The Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University, in cooperation with Raoul Wallenberg Institute, organized a “Seminar on Human Rights Education for University Teachers from the MENA Region”. The participants included teachers from following universities: Hasan II University, Marakesh University, Mohammed IV University, Al Quds University, University of Jordan, Maastricht University, Notre Dame University, and Beirut Arab University

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