Economics Department

About the Department

The Economics programme at BAU owes its strength to the quality of its research faculty, opportunities for intensive training in theoretical and applied work, and a diverse offering of courses.
The Economics program is a 3 year program designed to prepare students for employment in the public or private sector, or to pursue further studies in MSc. & Ph.D. programs.


Our vision is to be internationally recognized as a major educational icon of the Arab world in economics.


Our mission is to provide students with quality education in economics to serve the community and the economy through our elite faculty and educational resources. In pursuing our mission, we:
          A- Maintain quality academic Programmes that promote student success in their chosen career
               and responsible contributors to their communities. 
          B- Support and expect faculty engagement in applied business and professional activities that complement
               the Faculty’s academic commitment to its students, the region, and beyond.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

1. Knowledge and Understanding:

(K1) Define the nature of economics.
(K2) Describe the functioning of a market economy through different approaches.
(K3) Demonstrate key knowledge and skills in business and economics specific disciplines.
(K4) Demonstrate competence in applying fundamental concepts, models and analytical tools
        for operations related to economics in service and development organizations.
(K5) Explain basic concepts and operations in economics.

2. Intellectual Skills:

(I1) Formulate economic strategies. 
(I2) Analyze determinants of consumer and producer behaviors and purchase decision-making
      process from using different perspectives and methods.
(I3) Apply analytical problem solving skills to identify key trends and exploit emerging business
       opportunities and to solve development related economic problems.
(I4) Apply knowledge and best practices of economics and risk management for financial 
      services applications.

3. Practical and Professional Skills:

(P1) Assess and justify the behavior of markets.
(P2) Apply economic tools in real economic context.
(P3) Evaluate business opportunities emerging from business operations from economical approaches.
(P4) Formulate and implement economic theories in real life context.
(P5) Formulate a research project in terms of structure, literature review and empirical analysis.

4. General and Transferable Skills

(G1) Integrate several micro & macroeconomic models to explain the behavior of markets.
(G2) Combine production and cost, short run and long run, and profit and revenues to assess
        the behavior of markets.
(G3) Demonstrate and apply current information technology skills in conjunction with economics 
        knowledge to economic system designs.
(G4) Make effective use of IT tools and statistical software in the field of economic & financial analysis.
(G5) Deliver presentations on various economics topics.

Degrees Offered by the Program
BBA in Economics
MSc in Economics
PhD in Economics