Accounting Department

About the Department

Accounting major provides students with the academic knowledge relating to recording economics events, preparing financial statements for external users, determining and controlling product costs, preparing information necessary for planning, controlling and decision making, and preparing tax return forms. We prepare graduates who are capable of providing information for external and internal users at service and manufacturing organizations. Moreover, we make our accounting program flexible enough to cover different issues including accounting at governmental and not-for-profit organizations.


Our vision is to be internationally recognized as a major educational icon of the Arab world in economics.


Our mission is to provide students with quality education in economics to serve the community and the economy through our elite faculty and educational resources. In pursuing our mission, we:

A- Produce internationally competitive graduates capable of succeeding in their chosen profession
 by offering up-to-date, relevant, high-quality educational services.

B- Provide graduate supporting the accounting profession, business, government, and obtain national
     and international recognition in teaching and research.

C- Maintain curricula that are of high quality and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders.

D- Foster interaction among internal and external stakeholders.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

1. Knowledge and Understanding:

        (K1) Acquire   the basics and foundational subjects relating to accounting.
        (K2) Realize how accounting may provide information that help managers in carrying out their jobs.
        (K3) Follow up innovative accounting practices.
        (K4) Identify the different aspects of internal and external accounting.

2.Intellectual Skills:

        (I1) Analyze and evaluate accounting information for decision making.
        (I2) Evaluate the role of accounting in manufacturing, service, governmental & nonprofit organizations.
        (I3) Attain good skills in the field of accounting.

3. Practical and Professional Skills:
        (P1) Conduct research through the creation, extraction and analysis of different theories 
                and current practices.
        (P2) Apply relevant software’s and programs in order to better analyze accounting information for internal 
                and external users.
        (P3) Formulate and implement operating and financial budgets.
        (P4) Analyze financial statements in an organized form.

4.General and Transferable Skills:

        (G1) Communicate verbally.
        (G2) Deliver Presentations on various accounting topics.
        (G3) Make effective use of IT tools in the field of accounting


Degrees Offered by the Program
BBA in Accounting
MSc in Accounting
PhD in Accounting