BAU - Beirut Arab University

Brief History

Since the first class of students graduated from Beirut Arab University in 1964, many of them called for cooperation in order to continually firm their relations with the University in general and to keep the spirit of friendship which they established during the university years, for the sake of their professional fusion, social solidarity and the development of their aspirations for the future.
Since their first spring, Graduates they have found support from their University in all the forums and fields. The University has continuously worked to support and encourage them.
Thirty four students were the first class of alumni in 1964 from the faculties of Arts and Law but today, towards the frontier of the fiftieth anniversary of Beirut Arab University Graduates reached one hundred thousand Alumni members from the various fields of study in ten faculties whether humanities, social, pure, applied or medical sciences. The majority of these Graduates are spread in Lebanon and the Arab world.
It is necessary to mention that a huge number of Beirut Arab University Graduates have occupied high positions in their countries on the public and private sectors. Other Graduates were effectively working in the various domains.
Beirut Arab University is highly proud of its Graduates without any discrimination. They were embraced by the University during the years of study and it is looking that they will be its ambassadors wherever they are. BAU is also looking to strengthen the relations between the University and its Alumni where the Graduates are strong by the University and the University is strong by its Graduates


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