Beirut Arab University celebrates its 57th Foundation Day

09 November 2016

For the occasion of the 57th Foundation Day, Beirut Arab University celebrated this occasion and honored the Board of Trustees of Waqf El Bir Wal Ehsan Society, for its contributions to charity and services rendered to education. The event was held on campus in Beirut, and was attended by the members of the BAU community, the deans, the staff-members, as well as its President, Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, BAU Secretary General, Dr. Omar Houri, the chair and members of the Board of Trustees of Waqf El Bir Wal Ihsan, and the families of the honorees.
The celebration was also attended by Minister of Environment, Mohamed El Mashnouk, representing HE Tamam Salam; MP Dr. Ammar Houri, representing HE Fouad Sanioura and HE Saad El Hariri; Mr. Abdel Fattah Khattab, representing HE Najeeb Mikati; Mr. Rock Mehanna, representing Minister Jibran Basil; MP Mohamed El Hajjar; in addition to representatives of the diplomatic corps, general directors, hospital directors, heads of organizations and prominent figures of Beirut.
The event opened with the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem, followed by a film summarizing the establishment of the University and its re-establishment after the War. The event was presented by Omar Nakhal, who stated that the celebration is not just in honor of an edifice that is growing and flourishing, dispersing beads of hope in the world. The event aimed also at offering a token of gratitude towards those who upheld learning and education, in an expression of loyalty.
This was followed by a speech delivered by the historian of Beirut, Prof. Hassan Hallak, who pointed out the merits of Waqf El Bir Wal Ihsan, and the favors of its chairpersons and members towards the University, as well as to education in Beirut and Lebanon. He recalled how Gamal Abdel Nasser favored the name of Beirut Arab University upon its establishment, thanking the Waqf for its efforts that have helped the University to reach the ranks of internationality today.
Next spoke Prof. Amr El Adawi, who maintained that the University has survived the test of time for 57 years, because the role played by the Waqf Society was not limited by time. Its members had dedicated their time and effort in serving the University. They are honored today, not only for their achievements, but for the honor they have engrained in generations for 80 years, since the establishment of the Waqf, and again since 1960, when BAU was founded. El Adawi also enumerated the University’s future plans, in the light of its strategy, and its constant development of teaching and learning methods. 
This was followed by a speech delivered by Dr. Said Jazaeri, Chair of the Waqf Board of Trustees. He dedicated the honoring to the Egyptian Leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, as well as to the chairpersons and members of the Waqf, for all the sacrifices they made towards the establishment, development and prosperity of the University, which has today become a shining star in the skies of learning and education.
After the screening of a film about the University’s facilities, faculties and departments, the event concluded with the honoring of the previous chairpersons of the Board of Trustees: Jamil Rawwas, Omar Farroukh, Mohieddine Fayed, Omar Houri, Toufic Houri, as well as the current chairperson, Said Jazaeri. Prof. Amr El Adawi presented shields of honor, which were received by family members of the chairpersons, who delivered brief words of gratitude to the University.


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