Under Patronage of President of Beirut Arab University, Prof. Dr. Amr Al-Adawi and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment, Prof. Dr. Ibtihal El-Bastawissi, the Faculty hosted a play entitled ‘The Concealed Dimension’ on Wednesday 9 May 2018. Under the supervision of Dr. Maged Youssef, the third level students presented a dramatic show transforming the scientific material given in the course of ‘Theory of Architecture III’ to be played on a stage. Breaking the traditional methods of teaching was the target beyond this show. Students lived an interesting experience in imitating certain well-known architects related to the architecture of 20th and 21st centuries, analyzed their concepts, classified their trends, and reflected their behaviors. Throughout the Spring Semester 2017/2018, students trained many times on stage on acting, costumes, make up, lights, sound effects, and directing. This an outside of the box idea implanted the course data into students’ unconscious. Their interaction along the time of rehearsals until the show time has changed their perspective to the architectural design concepts. On the stage of Omar Houri Auditorium, the audience was a large number of teaching staff, administrative staff, students from all levels, and the dean Prof. Ibtihal El-Bastawissi who embraced the idea from the beginning. The play was presented in an educational environment full of fun, entertainment, and information. It was totally student work, directed by Adel Mashaka, written by Diana Khalife, and played by twenty-eight students.