Under Patronage of President of Beirut Arab University, Prof. Dr. Amr Al-Adawi and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment, Prof. Dr. Ibtehal El-Bastawissi, the Faculty organized a Summer School on Digital Fabrication in August 2017. In order to keep pace with evolution of Architecture today, and to introduce students to new developments in their studies, The faculty welcomed visiting professors from Italy as well as students from outside the university to reach an end product that will be presented in the Digital Fabrication Lab.

Computational technology is rapidly developing. It provides strong capabilities to change life mechanism and the way we act, think, communicate and interact in real life. The goal of the summer school is to provide students with a new digital paradigm in design and architecture, providing them the possibility to gain practical experience on future trends of computational architecture, generative design, Algorithmic analysis, design optimization, and digital fabrication.

The school provides the students with the possibility to develop skills on computational design and digital fabrication technology. Students will also gain insight on what computer tools are available in practice to assess various measures during the design process until reaching the fabrication and installation phase.

The school encourages the observation of material behaviors and their use in Architectural design featuring subconscious experiences. Students will investigate modern materials and their digital fabrication by direct experience. They will work with algorithms and engage the virtual world with the real environment in their final projects.