Organized by the Institutefor Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, the IAAC GSS is a full-time two-week course that is defined by ambitious, multi-scalar investigation on the implications of emergent techniques in our planned environments. Each year, international teams located in key cities around the globe explore a common agenda with projects that are deeply embedded in diverse local conditions. GSS2018 will follow the theme of Digitize and will happen simultaneously in many cities around the world, some of which are Barcelona, New York, Moscow, Tehran, Beirut and others. GSS Beirut 2018 is the first academic program in Lebanon to introduce participants to robotic fabrication as a relatively new territory in architecture. As the potentials and restrictions brought by this technology are explored, participants will experiment with different fabrication methods and materials, giving rise to distinct formal languages of novel aesthetic qualities, mediating materiality, form, structure and assembly logics. Participants will be challenged to rethink construction logics to satisfy the need for variation in the realization of complex parametric models: optimizing subtractive digital manufacturing, exploring precise and fully integral assembly strategies, as well as robotic tectonics. The course will explore potential applications of robotic fabrication in the construction industry to activate a public square in the heart of Beirut city with a 1:1 architectural intervention.