Jordan Engineers Association invited the assistant professor Dr. Maged Youssef to give a public lecture under name 'Architecture and Metaphor' in the Jordanian Architects Society, Jabal Al-Qalaa, Amman, Jordan. It was held at 6.00 pm on Saturday 18 March, 2017. The lecture hall was full of architects, academic staff from different Jordanian schools of architecture, and students. The presentation found a remarkable scientific echo among attendees. After the lecture, Dr. Maged was invited from Prof. Ali Abou Ghunaima to visit the Faculty of Engineering, Al al-Bayt University, to repeat the lecture due to its critical, valuable, and effective topic. On Sunday, 19 March, 2017, Dr. Maged Youssef visited Al al-Bayt University (60 Km north of Amman) and met its president Prof. Diaa Arafa. Around 200 students and a group of the staff members attended the lecture.

This lecture is a rephrase for Dr. Maged's new book ‘Architecture and Metaphor’ which was published by Beirut Arab University, 2016, printed and distributed by Stephan Library. This book investigates the relation between architecture and the linguistic phenomenon; (metaphor). It is an analytical philosophical attempt trying to uncover secrets and intentions of the 20th century architecture, interpreting the multiple meaning of architectural forms, which understood as the 'Metaphor' in architecture.

The conclusion of this trip:

First: Dr. Maged built a good base of audience in Jordan.

Second: Dr. Maged represented Beirut Arab University in an honourable, respectful, and scientific performance.

Third: According to the RIBA validation of our faculty, a number of Jordanian schools of architecture seek to activate international agreements.

Finally, an acknowledgment and a gratitude should be credited to Prof. Ali Abou Ghunaima, the vice president of Al al-Bayt University, Mr. Bashar Al-Bitar, the head of the Architectural Department in the Jordan Engineers Association, and Mr. Maher Shalbak, the manager of the Jordanian Architects Society, for their trust, generous, and warm welcome, hopefully to exchange visits and activities in the forthcoming future.