Advanced Topics in Nutrition

NUTR 306 - Advanced Topics in Nutrition

Course Title:                Advanced Topics in Nutrition
Code:                          NUTR 306.
Hours:                         Lec – 2 Hrs.    Lab-0 Hr.    Cln – 0Hr.             Cr. Hr. –2.
Prerequisite:                NUTR 203, 206
Level/Semester :          3rd  level - Spring.
Department offering the course:     Nutrition – Faculty of Health sciences.

This course provides knowledge about four subjects. The "Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition" shows the recommendations for every type of feeding, calculations of nutrients ,monitoring of patients and their complications. The "Drug-nutrient interaction" describes the differences between Food-Drug interaction and Drug-Nutrient interaction, gives examples of food and medications and finally summarizes tips to keep in mind. The " functional foods" shows the categories of functional in food from plants and animals. Finally, the Complimentary Alternative Medicine CAM" defines  CAM, mind and body medicine, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

The course provides an adequate knowledge regarding different subjects in nutrition. It explains the enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition, functional foods, herbal medicine, acupuncture and drug-nutrient interactions. By the end of this course, students should know in which case the patient needs an enteral or parenteral nutrition and how to calculate the nutrients (energy, proteins, lipids...). They should know also the different types of functional foods and their functions. Finally students should understand the complementary alternative medicine (herbal medicine and acupuncture) and how drug and nutrient interact in the body.

Illustrated lectures using power point data show and white board.
Demonstration using articles..
Group discussion.

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