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About Us

Welcome to BAU Information Technology website. We provide a wide range of information technology services that include Integrating system, data processing, storage, network and support.
IT team is comprised of five departments reporting to the President: Academic Support, Student Information System, Portal, Integration and Applications, Networks, Enterprise Systems, Installation and Maintenance.
The services we provide include the overall management of servers, databases, networks, phones, video conferencing systems, email and internet connections, as well as support for applications and online tools such as the Banner student information system, Library systems, university administrative systems, alumni systems, and the student Portal and course management systems.



The Department of Information Technology (IT) has a tradition of excellence. Our staff are fully committed to the education, possessing an extensive experienced background in diverse and critical areas of information technology (IT) field, including web technologies, database systems, information systems and security systems.



The Beirut Arab University educates individuals to be empowered professionals in a global community. The mission of the Information Technology (IT) is to provide the leadership, guidance, and technical skills required to establish and support information technology architecture and accompanying services that support BAU's vision, mission, and goals. The IT commits itself to provide innovative, quality and sustainable solutions and services that meet the changing needs of the University to keep abreast with the demands of the society.

Tasks & Objectives


  • Student Information System (BANNER SIS) administration.
  • Portal (iConnect) administration.
  • Software development and customization.
  • Conducting surveys and statistics.
  • Issuing University IDs (besides Parking and Transportation IDs) for student the start of each year.


  • Promote the pervasive use of quality IT resources.
  • Ensure quality services by providing superior technical support.
  • Train academic members and nonacademic staff in the productive use of available technology to improve work efficiency and quality.
  • Serve as the center for upgrades and development.


  • SIS Services
    • Enrollment management
    • High-quality targeted curricula
    • Improved administrative services: flexible registration, easier class scheduling, degree auditing, and timely billing
    • Track and record students’ progress
    • Enhance Student’s experience
    • Empower students by providing dynamic & self-service access to applications
    • Provides a central repository for student information
    • Student Support
  • Luminis Portal Services
    • BAU academic calendar
    • Student profile and academic transcript
    • Mobile Application Integration
    • Exams schedules, online registration, students grades, holds, warnings, and payment fees
    • Online Examination
    • Online language courses
    • University announcements and events
    • Online Survey platform
    • Faculty members can view class lists, manage their classes, submit grades, and monitor their advisees
    • Feedback channel that allows students to send their requests & suggestions
    • Library resources and online databases through a single access
    • Quick links for students and staff for different online services
    • As part of our efforts to improve our services and support, students will receives notifications and alert through our BAU mobile to help them stay connected to the University
  • Network and Internet Connections & Security
  • Database Administration
  • Storage and Backup Management
  • HR System Management
  • Computer (Hardware and Software) Maintenance and Support


Walid Shatila

Director, Information Technology +961 1 300 110 X: 2727


  • Fourth Floor, Main Building, Beirut Arab University.
  • +961 1 300 110 X: 2533