The ADQAC is responsible for providing support in a broad range of development activities related to academic quality assurance and enhancement, policy development, and student and staff engagement. The Center performs curriculum review and development through building on good practices to achieve excellence in education. The responsibilities of the ADQAC in Curriculum Review and Development are:

  • Proposing advanced academic programs to meet job market demands and to increase the competitiveness of the University among BAU’s peers including local, regional and international higher education institutions.
  • Promoting cooperation with the community through Faculty Advisory Committees and University Centers.
  • Supporting faculty programs attain international accreditation from different international accreditation bodies.
  • Monitoring the validity of the educational input, the efficiency of the educational process, and the quality of the output and issues of excellence to propose adequate plans for development.
  • Setting up the action plan of quality development for each semester in coordination with the University President.
  • Reviewing the international benchmarks for the accreditation of higher education institutions and deciding the extent to which these are acknowledged in Lebanon and internationally as well as their autonomy and their tangible and practical ability to achieve the intended objectives.
  • Providing different faculties with technical assistance and support concerning quality assurance including the preparation of self-assessment reports for international accreditation bodies.