ANAT 651

ANAT 651-Craniofacial Anatomy and Embryology (1Cr.:1Lec): 

Anatomy: Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system; Skull, mandible and cervical vertebrae; Scalp and face; Cranial cavity (fossae, folds, venous sinuses and pituitary gland); Orbit; Parotid Region; Temporal and Infratemporal Region; Pterygo-palatine fossa; T.M.J.; Nasal cavity; Mouth cavity (lips and cheeks, gum and teeth, tongue and palate); Ear and facial nerve; Posterior triangle of the neck; Anterior triangle subdivisions; Submandibular Region; Thyroid gland; Blood vessels of the neck; Cranial nerves in the neck; Fasciae of the neck; Pharynx; Larynx; Pathway of extroceptive sensations from the face and teeth to the cerebral cortex; Pathway of taste sensation to the cerebral cortex.

Embryology: Fertilization; Cleavage; Implantation; Formation of the three germ layers and their derivatives; Pharyngeal arches and derivatives; Pharyngeal pouches and fate; Branchial sinus, cyst and fistula; Development of face; Development of palate; Development of tongue; Development of thyroid gland; Development of pituitary gland; Development of salivary glands.